Why are there fake clips on the market

To answer this question, first we need to understand which products are being forged. Most forgers steal products with or without patent which are of a great quality and have a very unique feature. The reason is simple: to produce the original item, you needed to invest a lot, develop and continuously improve your product and work on the innovation for years. The inventors are extremely determined and would invest heaps of money, time and effort to create and actual product from an idea. 

Roddy Sock Clip gave an answer to an actual problem and it has been protected with a patent. In 1996 Robert Matthews British physicist got alternative Nobel-prize for – besides others - mathematically proving the disappearance of half pair socks. Matthews “only” proved that during usage a significant amount of socks are getting lost, leaving us with half pairs. Proving this point, he used such a detailed and innovative mathematic model that it earned him an alternative Nobel Prize. He didn’t however look into all the additional hassle that comes with pairing the socks, such as wasting time and repeating the same task all over again. 

Since we are not only using the socks but also wash, dry and store them – we needed a device that keeps them together during all these phases. Obviously it is very easy to pick a pair of sock if they are all nicely arranged in pairs – this is when we take the clip off. As soon as we are not having the socks on, we shall reattach the clips, before it lands in the laundry basket. If all family members have their own colours, sorting the clean socks is simpler than ever!

So here is your answer: we are providing a complex and great solution to an old, common problem. This is why fake sock clips are being made. 

Why shall you avoid the fake products?


As mentioned above, it has been years of innovation to develop the best version of the product. Before getting onto the market, we have spent years of testing to get to the best form and material for the Sock Clip. Such tests are expensive, however it also gives the developers heaps of experience and knowledge. People trying to copy the product do not have this know-how. Their goal is to mislead the buyer by copying the colours and the shape – so the customer thinks that they are getting the original product. 

In our case the analysed fake products showed a very cheap plastic material instead of the high end mixture that Roddy uses. It didn’t have colour protection, when soaking, it lost colour and when disposing the product to the sun, it became rigid and fragile. In the dryer it went soft and lost it’s shape. 

If you are rich, I help you to waste your money – this is the principle of forgers. You might get the fake products for less, but you won’t be able to use them more than a couple of times. 

Besides, Roddy Sock Clip is not an expensive product. You can afford the original.