So many ways to use it!


Close your bags with it

Did you just open a bag of food that you need to close before putting back in the pantry or fridge? 

Easy! Pop on a Sock Clip and you are good to go. 


Clip papers together

Do you have your mail and invoices laying around? You cannot file them yet as action needs to be taken but they are all over the place? 

Organize them with your Roddy Sock Clips. 


Cash clipping

Do you need to pay some services in cash? Do you always count it and recount it again to ensure that you are set? 

No need any more: just pop a Sock Clip on and the different colours can even differentiate the purpose of payment!


Use it as a hook

Some items are tricky to be hanged for drying or storing - put a Sock Clip on and leverage the hook!


For socks - of course!

Most of all, Roddy Sock Clip is designed to keep your socks together as per the other sections of our website.