From the inventor

It all started with my busy wife


As many other great inventions, Roddy has been created to fulfill a female demand. 

My wife was sick of constantly spending valuable time of her weekends pairing socks for the four family members in our house. 

It is a waste of time, yet you must do it to ensure that everyone leaves the house on time every weekday – without the hassle of finding the pairs. 

This is what she needed


She would have loved a device that ensures that: 

  • The pairs of socks stay together during washing in the washing machine
  • The socks remain together while drying
  • The socks don’t take up heaps of space in the draw as little balls but you could keep them nice and neat 
  • Last but not least: socks shall not just belong to each other but also to their owners. There needed to be a way to easily tell which pair of sock belongs to whom – even if we have the same colour and size socks for different family members. 

Well, I have not found such a device on the market, despite looking all the way from Budapest to Vienna, through Nuremberg and Frankfurt, wherever I was travelling. (Due to my work I was constantly on the go in Western Europe.)

Then the idea came to me


Then one day, early morning the idea clicked: a simple self-locking clip which has no metal in it (no corrosion) with a specific geometrical setup that keeps the socks together during washing and drying. It has a hook, so it is easy to hang for drying. And by having them in different colours, each family members can have their own coloured set – so the sorting is easy as one, two, three. 

We have worked out the desired shape with the top professionals of the plastic industry, we also developed the best material to ensure duration and an appealing visual appearance with high-end, bright colours. During the years we have continuously improved the product and we have been manufacturing it since 1996 to the pleasure of our customers. And my wife - whom I am married to for over 41 years now.