Patent all over the world

Roddy Sock Clip has patents in the below areas / countries:


- Europe

- Germany

- Austria

- Hungary


- China

- Russia 

The secret is in the material

Our patent protects the intellectual property of the special material that has been specifically designed for Roddy Sock Clip during several years of testing and development. 

This unique plastic ensures that the Sock Clip does not lose the strong yet flexible material over the years being in the washing machine frequently. It also does not melt in the dryer and would not fade hanging outside in the bright sunshine.


The current standard packaging is a bag of 10 items of the same colour. The Sock Clip is being sold in the below colours in Australia at the moment: blue, yellow, red, orange, green and white.


Other packaging is also available for significant orders: we can sell different quantity in box, plastic holder or bag. 

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