How many shall I buy?


We have faced some cases when the Sock Clip has not been used appropriately – which would not let the user enjoy the advantages of the product. The most important thing is when and how to use the Sock Clip. We suggest to all customers to buy at least as many Sock Clips as many socks they have. This is necessary because after the purchase you need to clip all your socks together (see the instructions below) and store socks like that. 

When we take on a pair of socks, we need to remove the clip and place it to an allocated place – e.g. a box near the laundry basket. Upon taking the socks off at the end of the day, we have to pop the clip back on before the pair lands in the basket. The Sock Clips need to stay on the socks during storing – washing – drying and storing again. This is the only way to ensure that the pairs stay together and you don’t ever need to do the annoying task of pairing them together again. 

Further to eliminating the useless task of pairing socks, we are also saving heaps of space on our clothesline: 13 pairs of clipped socks can fit into the space of one pair hanged traditionally. 

How to use it


Hold it


Hold the Sock Clip so the logo faces you. Put your index finger and your middle finger to the outer big ring from behind to the opposite sides (3 and 9 o’clock). Push the inner ring inside with your thumb. 


Add the socks

Place the socks in between the gap you created. 


Adjust it

Use both hands to adjust the sock in order to be held entirely between the two rings.


This is how it shall look like

With the right placement this is how the clipped socks should look like on the flip side.


A trick for thick socks

When clipping extremely thick socks together, you can just attach them by the inner sides.